1. New Putt-Putt game: “Streets of Neon”​

  2. Bounce & Roll 2.0 ​

  3. Faster loading of Virtual Golf​

  4. MyBag for Virtual Golf ​

  5. Fast and slow putt lines​

+ Several other improvements and fixes


Putt-Putt Game:
Streets of Neon

Welcome to the Streets of Neon! This brand new entertaining putt-putt game for family and friends requires no golf skills. Anybody who can swing a putter will be able to play a round of putt-putt golf like never before.​


Bounce & Roll 2.0

A complete overhaul of the bounce and roll model in Virtual Golf now produces significantly more realistic ball behavior in Virtual Golf. We believe this is the closest you can get to real bounce and roll behavior indoors. Virtual Golf just became a bit more challenging – like it is outdoors.​


Faster loading of Virtual Golf​

All Virtual Golf loading times have been reduced, so you will get to the first tee almost instantly after you complete your settings. ​


MyBag for Virtual Golf

Add your clubs to MyBag in the TrackMan Golf app and sign in to play Virtual Golf. We’ll show only your actual bag when you practice or play a round​


Fast and slow putt lines​

Introducing fast and slow putt lines to manual aimed putting. Firm into the back of the cup or gently using the slopes? You decide.​

TPS 9.1

  1. Download the TPS 9.1

  2. Run the TPS 9.1 installer (this will overwrite the existing TPS installation)

  3. Open TPS when online

  4. Virtual Golf updates will automatically install within TPS when online

Download TPS 9.1