Trackman indoor golf simulator buyers guide

From understanding the components of an indoor golf simulator to creating a custom solution tailored to your preferences, our goal at Trackman is to make your journey to an exceptional golf experience as smooth as possible. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll delve into the world of Trackman simulators and introduce you to the process of installing one (or more) at your home or business.

The Basics

A golf simulator consists of three key elements: the engine, the software, and the space.

Our engine, of course, is the Trackman 4. Although it was originally developed as a full ball flight launch monitor for use outdoors, its powerful combination of dual Doppler radars and HD camera make it the gold standard for indoor golf technology. The world’s best players, coaches, manufacturers and club fitters rely on Trackman 4 for its industry-leading accuracy, and that same ultra-precise data is the foundation of our immersive indoor golf experience.

Trackman Performance Studio (TPS) is the software platform where all the magic happens. TPS includes a range of activities, including Virtual Golf, games and game analysis tools. Our virtual course library is the best in the business, featuring many of the world’s most beautiful and iconic venues, all lidar-scanned and rendered in stunning HD graphics. Games such as Bullseye, Hit It!, Magic Pond and more provide endless hours of entertainment for golfers of all ages and skill levels. And for those golfers who want to improve their games, we offer a variety of practice options and data-rich tools such as Shot Analysis and Performance Center.

When it comes to choosing a space for your simulator(s), we understand that every home, golf club and indoor golf business is unique. That's why we take a consultative approach to design and install custom solutions that cater to your specific requirements, whether it's for entertainment, game improvement or a mix of both.

Our Team

To ensure your project's success, we deploy a dedicated global operations team. This team has grown significantly during the past several years, with national project managers, regional installers and local salespeople all directly employed by Trackman. We choose not to work with distributors or other intermediaries so we can ensure you get the best support — direct from the source, every step of the way.

Step One: Connect

Once you decide to purchase a Trackman golf simulator, we’ll connect you with a representative in your area who will discuss your needs and available space. Then we’ll set up an in-person meeting to talk in more detail, take lots of notes and snap some reference photos of your space.

Step Two: Design

Our design team will use those learnings and photos to create a virtual rendering of what your completed simulator setup will look like. We’ll get your feedback, make adjustments as needed, and start building a comprehensive project proposal.

Step Three: Confirm

Once you feel great about the design and sign off on the project plan, our operations team will jump into action. They’ll place orders for all the components and work with you to identify an installation window.

Step Four: Install

Your dedicated concierge will provide regular updates leading up to installation, which takes about a week. Our skilled and experienced full-time installers will handle everything, including custom turf installation, building out/assembling the enclosure and setting up all the electronics. Before you know it, you’ll have a fully functioning indoor golf simulator.

Next Steps

After installation, we’ll provide training to ensure you get the most out of your system. If you need assistance down the road, your local sales rep will be standing by, and our 7-days-a-week technical support team is only a phone call away.

The Trackman Way

We take immense pride in our technology, our team and our satisfied customer base. Trackman golf simulators have revolutionized the industry, with success stories all around the world. Whatever your unique needs, we’re here to introduce you to an amazing indoor golf experience.

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