In the ever-evolving world of golf technology, understanding the role of a golf launch monitor is crucial for both beginners and seasoned golfers.

A sophisticated device designed to capture and analyze crucial data related to your golf shots, a golf launch monitor provides insights into various parameters such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more.

Users can then leverage that data to improve their game — whether it be swinging, coaching or club fitting.

What to look for in a golf launch monitor

When searching for the best golf launch monitor available on the market, it’s important to take several key factors into consideration.

Accuracy: Look for a launch monitor known for its precision in capturing data. Accuracy is paramount for meaningful insights into your shots.

Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility: Opt for a launch monitor that seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings. Versatility ensures you can use it in various environments.

Data Metrics: Consider the range of metrics provided. A comprehensive set of data gives you a more holistic view of your performance.

Ease of Use: Choose a user-friendly device with intuitive interfaces and easy setup procedures. This ensures an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Portability: If you plan to use the launch monitor in different locations, consider its portability. Compact, lightweight options are ideal for golfers and coaches on the move.

Let's dive into the essentials and explore why Trackman 4 is the best golf launch monitor on the market.


Trackman 4: The gold standard

Trackman 4 was originally developed for professional players and coaches, for whom accuracy and precision are of paramount importance when gaining insights into performance and practice.

As Trackman technology further developed to also appeal to recreational golfers, Trackman 4 is an even more invaluable resource for improving performance and having fun across the entire spectrum of the golfing community — regardless of level.

Offering the best in terms of technology, data, software, support and versatility, Trackman 4 checks all the right boxes for customers looking for the ultimate golf launch monitor.

Preferred by the pros

It’s no surprise that Trackman 4 is preferred by most of the world’s top golfers. Simply put, it delivers the highest-quality data.

In the elite game — where the smallest of details can mean the difference between missing the cut or being in contention on Sundays — having access to the most accurate data is not only useful … it’s imperative.

That’s why you’ll see players using the ‘little orange box’ at every major golf tournament —during pre-tournament practice sessions, during warm-ups on the driving range or on the course providing precise data from every tournament shot.

After all, the top players and competitions in the world require nothing but the best in terms of technology.


Top choice for coaches and club fitters

Coaching: It’s no coincidence that the best coaches in the world consider Trackman 4 an essential tool in providing feedback to clients. From club path and angle of attack to impact location and spin rate, Trackman 4 provides coaches with well over 40 accurate data points they can analyze to provide elite coaching to the world’s best players. Trackman 4 is widely recognized as having revolutionized coaching in the golf industry.

Club Fitting: When it comes to club fitting, reliable data is critical to ensure that golfers are using equipment optimized for their swing characteristics. Trackman 4’s wealth of ultra-precise club and ball data make it the go-to tool for the world’s top club fitters.

Using Trackman University learning platform, coaches and club fitters can become certified Trackman 4 users and enhance their knowledge about its technology and data parameters.

Easy and user-friendly

Its intuitive interface makes Trackman 4 simple to learn and use. With its straightforward setup, users can quickly set up their unit and get swinging.

Menus and controls are designed to be easy to navigate, letting users of all levels enjoy their Trackman 4 without a steep learning curve.

Trackman 4 supports wireless connectivity allowing users to seamlessly connect their iOS devices and have all data at their fingertips through Trackman apps.

The unit also supports dual dexterity without the need for repositioning and — unlike its competitors — Trackman 4 does not require any club markers or recalibration when changing from righty to lefty, or vice versa.

Trackman support is end-to-end … and beyond

When you purchase a Trackman 4, you get much more than state-of-the-art equipment.

Trackman prides itself on offering its customers an end-to-end support experience that extends well beyond the scope of a sale.

Whether it be 24/7 technical support, constant updates and improvements or dedicated reps offering step-by-step guidance through the setup process, customer service is paramount to Trackman.

To learn more about Trackman 4 and our solutions, click here to connect with a Trackman expert who can answer any questions you might have.


Trackman 4 Q&A section:

What is Trackman 4?
Preferred by the world’s top coaches, players, equipment manufacturers and club fitters, the innovative Trackman 4 golf launch monitor is known for its extreme accuracy, versatility, and high-quality data. Whether on the course, range or in an indoor facility, the portable Trackman 4 offers a level of precision you can’t find anywhere else.

What technology is used?
Fitted with optically enhanced radar tracking (OERT) technology, Trackman 4 offers the best of two worlds, combining radar and optics tech for unbeatable precision.

What data parameters does it track?
Thanks to its use of innovative technology, Trackman 4 currently provides users with more than 40 data parameters. From ball speed, launch angle and spin rate to dynamic loft, impact height and much more, Trackman 4 is unparalleled when it comes to actionable data points.

How does it track?
Trackman 4 uses Dual Radar systems, synchronized in time and space:

  • A short range, ultra high-resolution system focused on putting, club and impact data.

  • A long range, high accuracy ball tracking system.

Additionally, it employs camera sensors and a built-in camera for radar synchronized high speed optics and high dynamic range.

What software do I need?
All software is included in the purchase of a Trackman 4 unit. Depending on your software license, different features may be available. Offering the most sophisticated software in the industry, Trackman gains insights and feedback from the world’s top players and coaches to constantly enhance its products.

  • Trackman Performance Studio (TPS):
    The world’s first and only golf swing and shot analysis tool with totally integrated video and data, Trackman Performance Studio delivers the definitive data and visual report on the golfer. Trackman Performance Studio’s easy to use interface enables you to scale between multiple screens, views and data tailored to your needs. Set-up takes just one minute, with all sessions, data and videos easily stored and managed on your computer or phone.

  • Virtual Golf:
    Trackman Virtual Golf system is designed to provide a realistic and immersive golfing experience using virtual simulations.

Mobile apps

  • Trackman Golf app: Trackman Golf is the one-stop-shop for all your TrackMan activities. The free app gives you comprehensive access to all data registered during your indoor and outdoor Trackman activities, allowing you to analyze practice, deep-dive performance and track improvement — regardless of your golf skill level.

  • Trackman Golf Pro app: The free Trackman Golf Pro app lets you wirelessly connect your iOS device to your Trackman 4 unit to get instant access to all your club and ball data.

  • Trackman Camera app: Take full advantage of your wireless Trackman radar and software with external Wi-Fi camera support. The free Trackman Camera app allows for up to six camera angles to be recorded simultaneously. The recorded video is automatically trimmed, transferred, and imported into the software.

Does it work indoor and outdoor?
The powerful and versatile Trackman 4 gives you the best of both worlds — whether you are hitting shots on the driving range or practicing your game indoors. Trackman 4 is considered the cream of the crop for both inside and outside golf.

Who is using it?
From the world’s top golfers, coaches and tournaments to newbies learning the game, Trackman 4 is a popular tool used by the global golf community. Being equally adept at golf clubs, driving ranges, indoor facilities or in private homes, Trackman 4’s appeal ranges across a broad spectrum — from the serious golfer to the entertainment seeker ... and everyone in between.

Why should I use a golf launch monitor?
Whether practicing in an indoor golf simulator, hitting shots on an outdoor range or just having fun playing golf, Trackman 4 can be used to gain valuable insights into your performance and help improve your game.

What's included when purchasing a Trackman 4?
When you purchase a Trackman 4, you typically receive a comprehensive package that includes the necessary hardware and software components to set up and use the golf launch monitor. The key components and features that come with a Trackman 4 purchase include the Trackman 4 unit itself, software packages, mounting and setup accessories, training and 24/7 support, a Trackman subscription or license and a user manual with documentation.

Does Trackman 4 improve?
Yes. Through regular updates to its Trackman Performance Studio software, Trackman 4 is constantly evolving. By continuously adding new virtual courses to its extensive library and introducing innovative features and graphics, Trackman 4 strives to stay ahead of the competition and keep its users at the forefront of what the industry has to offer.

What else do I need?
To use Trackman 4 unit, you will need to use your smartphone, computer or iPad, and an internet connection through either Wi-Fi or an internet connection cable. Other than that, you just need your golf clubs and you can get swinging.

Where can I purchase a Trackman 4?
You can own your very own Trackman 4 today by telling us a little about yourself and the project you have in mind. We’ll connect you with a Trackman expert who can share more about our solutions and answer any questions you might have. Simply fill out this short contact form and we’ll be in touch!

Did you know you can convert Trackman 4 to a full simulator?
Weighing only 6.2 lbs (2.8 kgs), the portability of Trackman 4 lets users bring it anywhere — to the driving range, golf instruction studio or even on vacation. It’s also very popular for users looking to build an indoor golf simulator experience, whether in an indoor facility, at a golf club or in their own home. All you need to get swinging indoors is Wi-Fi, a bit of space and a set of clubs. As part of your Trackman 4 purchase, Trackman can help you plan, design and build your very own golf simulator setup.


Gary Nicol — co-founder and coaching director at TPEGS (Tour Pro Experience Golf Schools) at Archerfield Performance Centre in Scotland. Trackman user since 2010.

“I would say the biggest difference is that I can now work with facts rather than opinions. I like logic and facts. It has allowed me to help my students focus on playing shots and truly understand the impact conditions required to create a variety of different shots.”

Emma Fairnie — director of coaching at Omaha Beach Golf Club, New Zealand. Trackman user since 2017.

“I love using my Trackman to measure and record changes over time. The players love this too and really feel a sense of achievement when they look at their improvements.”

Marco Burger — CEO and club fitter at HIO Fitting in Germany. Trackman user since 2010.

“With Trackman you can easily show facts and get immediately the full understand of the golfer. Without wasting time, I can see within a few shots what are the main issues regarding the ball flight and club data.”