Significant Trackman software Update has arrived

From cutting-edge coaching and practicing tools to revolutionizing indoor opportunities, TPS 9.4 packs a formidable punch

Introducing TPS 9.4, a comprehensive update brimming with new features to enhance practice, coaching and entertainment for indoor golfers across the world.

Featuring groundbreaking AI-driven tech, innovative practice tools and a potential game-changer in terms of how indoor golf is enjoyed, this latest update from Trackman holds immense promise.

Featuring groundbreaking AI-driven tech, innovative practice tools and a potential game-changer in terms of how indoor golf is enjoyed, this latest update from Trackman holds immense promise.

Available on Trackman simulators worldwide, here’s a rundown on what the update includes:


AI Motion Analysis

With Trackman’s innovative AI Motion Technology, the future of coaching and golf swing analysis has arrived. Say goodbye to manual line drawing and hello to automated feedback for a more precise and efficient practice session. From shoulder and hip lines to head circle and wrist path, this AI-driven tool offers a range of selectable items that automatically line up for a more effective experience. Already the leader in terms of providing ball and club tracking, AI Motion Analysis is Trackman’s first step on the path to biomechanical tracking.

Check out the key features and system requirements of AI Motion Analysis or take in a tutorial video to learn more about the visionary technology here.

Introducing AI Motion Analysis

Performance Center

A popular Trackman aid for players and coaches, Performance Center is a versatile, powerful tool for evaluating and elevating shotmaking skills. Now it’s coming to TPS with additional features, including total and carry distances, green speed and firmness settings. Factoring in more than ever before, Performance Center on TPS maintains its Strokes Gained element to offer players unique approaches to improving their game. Customizable pin, green, and bunker locations mean every swing is an opportunity to optimize practice.

To test your game against the best in the business, gain a better understanding of Strokes Gained and watch a tutorial video on Performance Center, click here.

Introducing The New Performance Center

Custom Altitude Practice

Preparing for a round in the mountains, or a shoot-out at sea level? Well, we’ve got you covered. With this update, it is now possible to practice at custom-defined altitudes in Virtual Golf practice features. Changeable in Settings, you can now play at your local altitude to further optimize transitioning to and from the indoor and outdoor game. Where innovation meets elevation, discover how altitude affects your distance and take your game to new heights.

Speed Training (for Trackman 4 only)

Work on your swing speed or battle for bragging rights with this rapid beauty. A groundbreaking training method, Speed Training allows users to enhance swing velocity without needing a ball. Accessible via the Shot Analysis section, Swing Speed tracks the clubhead speed at low point and is a useful tool to help golfers maintain or increase swing speed in the off-season. Remember, it ain’t no thing, if it ain’t got that swing!

To better understand the key features and benefits of Speed Training and watch a tutorial video shedding light on the new addition, click this link.

Introducing Speed Training Mode


Play your pals Live. Anytime. Anywhere. From Tokyo to Toronto, Trackman once again moves to unite golfers worldwide. With people in different cities being able to play against one another in real-time, Online has the potential to be a game-changer for indoor golf. Simply schedule a tee time with a friend, link up bays in the Online Lobby, set up a video call on Discord or Facetime and compete live. By transcending borders and time zones, indoor golf just became a whole new ball game.

To view the requirements needed and a tutorial video showing the process setting up to play friends on Online, click this link.

Introducing Online Course Play With Friends

Mystic Sands

Having fun on Trackman just got even easier with this gem of an entertainment centerpiece. A sibling to Magic Pond, Mystic Sands offers endless entertainment for golfers of all ages and levels as they swing to slay monsters among pyramids and sand dunes. Bust out those sandals, slip into something comfortable … and let the games begin!

We innovate, so you can elevate

Trackman constantly strives to remain at the forefront of golf performance analysis, providing users with the latest innovation to help elevate their golf experience.

Whether you are looking to enhance practice, improve coaching sessions or just have some fun swinging with friends, the TPS 9.4 update is one of Trackman’s most extensive and exciting upgrades to date.

Try this new update at a Trackman near you.