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This is the story of how a popular Melbourne urban golf oasis collaborated with Trackman to modernize its facilities, broaden its appeal, and drive in more revenue.


Thanks to its unique location in heart of one of Australia’s most bustling cities, Melbourne Golf Park doesn’t struggle to attract customers. But when it embarked on a journey to reimagine itself, management focused on striking a balance that would satisfy its serious golfer clients while also attracting entertainment enthusiasts.

This is the story of how a popular Melbourne urban golf oasis collaborated with Trackman to modernize its facilities, broaden its appeal, and drive in more revenue.


Individual driving bays


Overlooking the scenic Albert Park Lake and within walking distance of the iconic St Kilda waterfront area, Melbourne Golf Park epitomizes the modern urban golf experience. Catering to golfers of all levels, Melbourne Golf Park offers over 60 individual driving bays (42 with screens), a café, rooftop bar, minigolf and a practice area. Completely floodlit, the facility is accessible to the public from morning to night.



When General Manager David Tapping launched major revitalization plans for Melbourne Golf Park, he knew that catering to his core customers was paramount. Adding minigolf, cafe and rooftop bar options would no doubt improve consumer experiences, but his key ambition was to enhance the driving range — and that meant teaming up with Trackman for a high-quality tailored solution.


Embracing entertainment

As a PGA member, David Tapping a strong handle on golfer needs, but one area of the range that was lagging was the entertainment side. He recognized that the younger generations crave activity-based socializing. “Trackman used to lack the entertainment aspect. It was all practice or play on course. Then I got a call telling me I’d want to see the new Trackman features. And I said: ‘Yep, that’s what I've been asking for’,” said David Tapping.

Teeing up with Trackman Range

David Tapping did his due diligence in terms of vetting suppliers and ultimately went with Trackman. David Tapping said that he was attracted to Trackman Range because the radar-based solution offered most in terms of performance and accuracy.

If the system doesn’t relay what the ball does, the user will notice and lose confidence in it. So, it must be extremely accurate, in a modern practice facility.

David Tapping

General Manager of Melbourne Golf Park

Cracking results

  • A whole new demographic is using the range

  • Balls sales have shot up by an average of 40 percent compared to the previous year, despite a price increase

  • There’s been a significant increase in casual users and club rentals

  • Over 80 percent of customers are using the system on the range. A figure that continues to rise as more people understands how to use it


David Tapping was elated to report that the Trackman Range addition has been “exceptionally well received” by Melbourne Golf Park consumers. 
“They were very excited and constantly asking when it was arriving. It was so much fun being able to deliver it for them,” said David Tapping.


Delving into data

Having access to facility management tools in the Trackman portal provides Melbourne Golf Park with useful insights into its range operations. A key datapoint revealed that engagement is higher in screen-fitted bays compared to device plug-in bays. “That's something we're looking at with Trackman,” said David Tapping. “Ensuring that we can provide the same level of service so every customer walks away feeling that they've had that full Trackman experience.”

Highly Recommended

On how likely he would be to recommend Trackman as a solution provider, David Tapping gave a 9 out of 10. Going into the partnership, David Tapping said he was a bit doubtful as his range was already busy. “Do I really need this? Could it slow people down in the bays? But teaming up with Trackman has definitely been a positive for us,” he said. David Tapping revealed that he was looking into getting indoor simulators, with Trackman being in play for that as well.

Teaming up with Trackman has definitely been a positive for us.

David Tapping

General Manager of Melbourne Golf Park


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