What is TrackMan Virtual League?+

The TrackMan Virtual League is a global TrackMan hosted tournament in collaboration with Titleist for amateur golfers all around the world. The tournament consists of 3 tournaments starting February 1st – April 2022, with 1 tournament each month.

How do I register to play?+

Everyone can participate worldwide either at a TrackMan-powered commercial facility, from a golfclub or in a private TrackMan simulator. Sign in with your TrackMan account or create a new one on the TrackMan Golf app before you start playing. Go to the Tournaments tab on the in-bay screen at your nearest TrackMan-powered commercial facility. Search “TrackMan Virtual League” to play your round. If you are signed into your TrackMan Account, and you play within the TrackMan Virtual League, your round will be counted towards the tournament.

Who is eligible to play? +

Anyone that is 13 or over during the participation period can participant and win prizes in the TrackMan Virtual League presented by Titleist. This age requirement is dictated by European personal data protection rules and regulations. To participate, you must create a TrackMan account on the TrackMan Golf App or sign into your existing account using the TrackMan in-bay screen.

The random draw is open to players who are: (i) legally and physically residing in any country where a TrackMan-powered commercial facility is located or have their own private simulator (other than Portugal, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Latvia, Mexico, Québec (Canada), New South Wales (Australia) or the UEA (Dubai and Abu Dhabi and other territories where the contest may be prohibited or restricted); and (ii) at least 18 years of age during the participation period. In the territories above, you will not be able to enter the random draw or win a prize.

By participating in the TrackMan Virtual League presented by Titleist, participants agree to be bound by these official rules and confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria. Employees, agents, directors of any company forming part of TrackMan A/S, Titleist, participating fitting facilities, or their subsidiaries may participate in the TrackMan Virtual League presented by Titleist but are not eligible to win prizes. Players must also have a TrackMan Handicap to participate in the Virtual League during the period February 1st – April 30th, 2022.

Your TrackMan Handicap is valid for Virtual League participation if it comprised of at least two completed rounds of 9- or 18-hole virtual golf, while signed in with your TrackMan account. Read more about handicaps in the “What is a TrackMan Handicap” section below.

How do I create a TrackMan account?+

Download the TrackMan Golf App and create an account on any supported iOS/Android personal devices.

Where can I participate in the Virtual League? +

You can participate in the Virtual League from any TrackMan-powered simulator in the world. This includes commercial facilities, golf clubs and privates. Find a facility near you at

How will I get notified if I am one of the lucky winners?+

Titleist will attempt to contact winners via their registered email address once all results and tie-breaks are processed by TrackMan. Please allow ten days from the tournament ends until the winners have been found.

How do I get my prize if I am one of the lucky winners?+

With exception to the grand prize, tournament winners will receive gift vouchers from Titleist, for use on Titleist’s standard shipping policies are applicable.

Winners of the grand prize will be contacted directly by Titleist, who will coordinate the bag fitting experience and delivery of clubs.

In certain jurisdictions, prizes may be subject to taxes. All federal, state and local taxes, customs duties and any other cost and expenses associated with acceptance or use of a prize are solely the winner’s responsibility, and Titleist has the right to withhold any amounts required by law. Winners shall complete any applicable tax forms as required in their local territory.

How do I enter the tournament?+

To participate in this tournament, it requires that you have an established TrackMan handicap. If you haven’t got one, you’ll create one by playing at least two rounds of 9-holes while being signed in at your TrackMan account.

To appear on the leaderboard and be eligible for prizes, you need to sign into your TrackMan account on the in-bay screen in the TrackMan simulator. Use the TrackMan Golf App and QR code for quick sign in or enter account credentials manually.

If you haven’t got a TrackMan account, you can easily download the TrackMan Golf App and create one. If you are not signed in and only participate as a guest, you will not appear on the leaderboard and will not be eligible to win prizes.

How do I register if I do not have a TrackMan account?+

You will not be able to participate in the TrackMan Virtual League if you do not have a TrackMan account. To get a TrackMan account, download the free TrackMan Golf App from Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once you have downloaded the app, follow the instructions to create an account. When you have created your account, you can log into any device at your local TrackMan-powered commercial facility and participate in the Titleist League.

Are there any requirements that I need to fulfill to participate in the TrackMan Virtual League?+

To participate in this tournament, you will need to have an established TrackMan handicap. An established TrackMan handicap means that you need to have completed at least two rounds of 9-holes in virtual golf while being signed into your TrackMan account to get one.

How many times can I play a tournament?+

A maximum of two rounds can be posted during a tournament month. Of the two attempts, your best score will count.

What does it cost to play?+

Playing in the tournament is free. But bear in mind that golfers need to pay the normal hourly rate for a bay if they play at a commercial facility.

Where can I see the leaderboard?+

The leaderboard can be seen at, or in the TrackMan Golf App from mid-February.

Will I be able to exchange my prize?+

The prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable

Why can’t I see my name on the leaderboard?+

If you are not able to see your name on the leaderboard it might be because you have participated in the tournament without being signed into your TrackMan account. In this case, you have played the tournament as a guest and will therefore not be featured on the leaderboard, nor are you eligible for prizes. When you participate in the Virtual League tournament, you must be signed into your TrackMan account.

What is A TrackMan Handicap? +

A TrackMan handicap lets you compete fairly against other golfers and is a measure of your playing ability in Virtual Golf. Inspired by the World Handicap System (WHS) – players are adjusted up/down based on a subset of their latest rounds.

If you are signed in with a TrackMan account, you will receive a TrackMan handicap after your first round of Virtual Golf. From that point, your TrackMan handicap is automatically regulated after each round of Virtual Golf, if you are signed in on your TrackMan account.

You can build your TrackMan handicap by completing either 9- or 18-holes on one of our special designed courses in our course library. While only a single completed round is required to initially establish your TrackMan handicap, we require players to have completed at least two rounds of 9- or 18 holes for play in the TrackMan Virtual League.

If you’ve played in the last two Virtual League tournaments or completed any two rounds of virtual golf while signed in, in the past – then you should already be ready.

How do I get a TrackMan handicap? +

You get a TrackMan handicap by completing two rounds of 9-holes of virtual golf while being signed in on your TrackMan account.

Is it required to have played in any previous Virtual League rounds?+

No. Players are not required to have played in the Virtual League tournaments for December 2021, or January 2022. Players must only meet the general eligibility requirements set out above and have a TrackMan handicap comprised of any two completed rounds of 9- or 18-hole golf.

What is an indoor tournament?+

An indoor tournament is just like an outdoor tournament. Same rules apply. You compete against other players and appear on a live leaderboard.

You can play in tournaments with a guest profile, but you will need a TrackMan profile to appear on the tournament leaderboard, or to be eligible for prizes.

Which holes are included in the ‘Closest to the pin’ competition?+

February – Hudson National back-9, hole 11, 13 and 16

March – Casa de Campo (Teeth of the Dog) front-9, hole 5 and 7

April – PGA National back-9, hole 15 and 17

Which courses are being played in this tournament?+

February – Hudson National, back-9

March – Casa de Campo (Teeth of the Dog), front-9

April – PGA National, back-9

What are handicap groups?+

When you participate in this tournament we divide all players into handicap groups, so you’ll compete against golfers at your own level.

The group that you belong to, is defined based on your handicap on the given day you hit the first tee shot in the tournament.

Below you can see the handicap groups:

A: +18 - +5,0

B: +4,9 - +2,0

C: +1,9 – 0,0

D: 0,1 – 1,7

E: 1,8 – 3,6

F: 3,7 – 6,0

G: 6,1 – 8,0

H: 8,1 – 12,7

I: 12,8 – 20,0

J: 20,1 - 54

Where do I find the tournament?+

Find the tournament from your simulators and hitting bay from TPS under the tournaments tab – just like all other global tournaments. Choose TrackMan Virtual League to play your round.

Where can I download the TrackMan Golf app?+

It is very simple to download the TrackMan Golf App if you do not have it already. You can download it through Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. The name of the app is: TrackMan Golf.

What is Stroke Gross?+

Stroke Gross is a scoring system in which the total number of strokes is counted over one or more rounds, over 9 or 18 holes.

The winner is the one who has used the fewest strokes over the course of a round or multiple rounds. Your scores are automatically uploaded to the leaderboard after each hole.

What will happen in the event of a tie?+

In the event of a tie, the winners will be selected based on the rules below to determine player position:

Lowest back 9 score

Low score on last 6 holes

Low score on last 3 holes

Low score on the last hole

The prize is shared

Can I play using the TrackMan profile of someone else?+

No, it is not allowed to play under another person’s TrackMan account. It is easy for anyone to download the free TrackMan Golf App and create a personal TrackMan profile. To create a TrackMan profile, you must be at least 13 years of age.

If you have other questions regarding The TrackMan Virtual League that are not listed here, please contact your local facility or TrackMan support at and they will be able to help you in the best possible way.