FAQs: Trackman handicap

What is a Trackman Handicap?

Trackman Handicap is a measure of your playing ability in Virtual Golf. It's based on the latest rules of the World Handicap System (WHS) and is adjusted up or down based on a subset of your latest rounds. If you have a Trackman account, you'll receive your Trackman Handicap after your first round of Virtual Golf, and it will automatically update after each subsequent round.

How do I get my Trackman Handicap?

To get your Trackman Handicap, make sure you're logged into your Trackman account and play a round without using mulligans. Also, keep your "gimme" distance within 12 feet or 3.5 meters. After your first round of Virtual Golf meeting these conditions, you'll receive your Trackman Handicap. Scores from private and tournament rounds that meet these requirements will be included in the calculation of your Handicap.

How is a Trackman Handicap adjusted?

Your Trackman Handicap is adjusted automatically based on your scores. If you post a score significantly better than your current Handicap, Trackman might adjust it more than the average of your latest rounds to accurately reflect your playing ability.

Will 9-hole rounds count toward updating my handicap?

Yes, 9-hole rounds count, but only if you specifically select to play 9 holes (either front or back 9). If you choose to play 18 holes but quit after 10 holes without finishing the round, it won't count toward updating your Handicap. For 9-hole rounds, the adjustment is based on twice the 9-hole differential. For instance, if your 9-hole differential is 2.2, it will be doubled to 4.4. If your handicap is 4.5, you'll be adjusted downward slightly. If you quit a round and finish it later, your handicap will be adjusted once the round is complete.

Where can I find my Trackman Handicap?

You can find your Trackman Handicap in Trackman Performance Studio (TPS) while you're logged in, at TrackmanIndoor.com, and in the Trackman Golf app.

I do not think my Trackman Handicap reflects my playing ability. Can I change it myself?

No, you cannot manually change your Trackman Handicap. The only way to affect your Handicap is by playing more rounds.

I sometimes use another handicap indoors. Can I override the Trackman Handicap with another number?

No, it's not possible to override the Trackman Handicap. In a Virtual Golf tournament, the host can choose between using a manual-input handicap or the Trackman Handicap.

We run a tournament using outdoor handicaps divided by two. What are my options?

For competitive rounds where handicap is factored into the score, your tournament host can choose between using Trackman Handicaps or manually input handicaps.

Thanks for your interest in Trackman Handicaps. If you encounter any issues with your Handicap or have additional questions, feel free to contact us at support@trackman.com.