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Turning a driving range into a standalone business


What is Gloria?

Imagine practicing your golf swing in paradise, surrounded by luxurious hotels and beautiful golf courses. Gloria Golf Resort in Turkey has transformed itself into one of Europe's top golf destinations a part of this journey was elevating its practice facilities with the latest technology. Gloria Hotels & Resorts has the title of resort hotel with the first and only Trackman Range solution in Turkey.

The facility have 48 covered bays, 6 grass hitting areas, 7 chipping greens, and 4 green bunkers. The venue effortlessly accommodates over 200 golfers, providing ample space for practice at any given time.

Discover the remarkable story of Gloria, a prime example of how a business harnessing the power of technology can unlock new avenues of revenue and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.


Covered bays


grass hitting areas


Chipping greens

One of our main considerations when we were looking at what was available, is that we wanted something that gave us serious feedback when it comes to the numbers, as well as having a fun side to it.

David Clare

PGA Advanced Fellow Professional Director of Golf, Gloria Golf Resort


Through the implementation of Trackman Range technology, Gloria has not only improved its golf practice amenities but also turned its driving range into a standalone business. In this article we will explore how Gloria achieved this feat.

The implementation at Gloria Golf Resort has significantly increased the time spent by players on the range. Clare states, "We've seen a massive difference in the time spent. So people are now definitely using more balls. We've seen the usage virtually double." The improved experience and engagement have led to increased member satisfaction and usage, making it a win-win situation for both the golf facility and its members.

By attracting repeat guests and increasing price per ball, Gloria has experienced a significant boost in revenue. Clare attests to the transformation brought about by Trackman Range technology, stating, "It's turned the driving range into a standalone business for us.”


The Trackman portal

Gloria’s partnership with Trackman goes beyond the implementation of range technology. As a Trackman powered facility, Gloria enjoys the benefits of utilising the business portal, a comprehensive tool that empowers them to effectively monitor and manage all aspects of their range operations.This portal provides Gloria with a KPI dashboard, offering a clear overview of their performance indicators and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Clare explains, "We now know exactly how many balls are being hit every day. The owners are very, very happy with it. They see the way forward with the technology." Moreover, the business portal allows Gloria to effortlessly create and oversee tournaments, among other functionalities, all within a user-friendly toolkit. This integration seamlessly aligns with Gloria's goal of optimising player engagement in every activity, ensuring a unified and immersive experience.

A significant advantage for players is the assurance that all their previous shot data and activities are securely stored in the Trackman app. This ensures easy access to their valuable shot data, facilitating progress tracking and providing a valuable resource for analysis and improvement. With Trackman's cloud technology, players can confidently revisit their past performances, identify areas for growth, and track their progress over time.

The eco system

Gloria Golf Resort's integration of the Trackman ecosystem not only enhances the practice experience but also streamlines operations, fosters player engagement, and preserves valuable data. The careful integration of Trackman technology at Gloria exemplifies their commitment to delivering excellence and elevating the golfing experience for their guests.

By embracing the capabilities of Trackman's business portal and the power of cloud technology, Gloria Golf Resort has positioned itself as a forward-thinking and customer-centric destination. Their success story serves as an inspiration for other golf facilities to leverage technology and create immersive, data-driven experiences that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.

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