Data matters: Inside the PGA Tour-Trackman partnership

Starting in 2022, the PGA Tour and Trackman joined forces to revolutionize the way we watch and understand the game of golf, bringing fans a more immersive experience than ever before.

With the integration of Trackman's cutting-edge Doppler radar and club and ball tracking technology, nearly every shot during every PGA Tour event is traced and shared across various platforms. This gives golf fans a deeper level of insight into players' performance, detailed club and ball data, and the impact of environmental factors on the game.

Here’s a closer look at how this partnership elevates the way we follow the world's best golfers:

For the Fans

The PGA Tour's decision to expand its partnership with Trackman marks a significant milestone in broadcast golf. By implementing our innovative tracking and tracing solutions, viewers gain unparalleled access to real-time data on club speed, ball speed, curve, landing spin, launch angle, spin rate, apex, carry and more. This data is seamlessly integrated into television broadcasts, OTT platforms and digital channels, offering fans more insight into how and why shots move and arrive at their positions.

Unmatched Tracking

Trackman's advanced aerodynamic models go beyond conventional tracking capabilities. The system can accurately assess the impact of external factors such as wind, weather and altitude on each shot, providing fans with a comprehensive view of how these elements influence the game. Additionally, our tracking system's ability to follow the flight of balls up to 400 yards under various conditions — including rain, fog, sunrise and sunset — ensures that no shot goes unnoticed.

Expanded Capabilities

The partnership between the PGA Tour and Trackman expands the tracking and tracing system from tee boxes to shots hit from the fairway and around the green. This means that every golf shot during a Tour event will be captured and instantly shared with television, OTT and digital partners. This data significantly enriches fan experiences on platforms like TOURCast, where inbound shots to the green can be visualized, offering a unique perspective on the game.

Eyes on the Future

This collaboration is expected to unlock even more innovative ways to present the game of golf. As technology continues to evolve, the fan experience will reach new heights, and the stories of the players' extraordinary skills will be told in captivating ways. The integration of Trackman's mobile system, which requires no cables or connections, is a step toward greater flexibility and efficiency in tracking shots from the fairway. This technology is being tested for future use on other events, including PGA Tour Champions and the Korn Ferry Tour.