Creating the ultimate indoor golf simulator

Having an indoor golf simulator at home is a dream come true for golf enthusiasts and professionals alike. With Trackman's cutting-edge technology and help from our design experts, you can create a highly immersive golf experience within the comfort of your own space.

In this guide, we’ll provide high-level guidance on the various factors to consider. When you’re ready to get started on your project, we’re here to help.

Room Dimensions

The size of your space plays a critical role in the safety, comfort and enjoyment of your simulator. For a standard single-bay setup, the recommended room dimensions are:

  • Width: >10 feet (3.0 meters)

  • Height: >9 feet 10 inches (3.0 meters)

  • Depth: >16 feet 5 inches (4.9 meters)

For a multi-bay setup, you can do some simple math to get a general idea of the space required. Keep in mind some dimensions may be adjusted based on your specific needs and available space.


Appropriate lighting is essential for an optimal indoor golf simulator experience. Natural lighting is ideal, but if your space lacks sufficient natural light, consider using LED lights that provide consistent and even illumination. Ensure the lighting does not create harsh shadows or glares, as this can affect your gameplay and analysis of shots.

Hitting Area

The surface on which you stand and hit the golf ball greatly impacts the overall experience. High-quality turf or hitting mats that mimic the feel of a real fairway are essential. We can show you a range of options designed to replicate different types of turf, ensuring the most true-to-life golfing experience.


Creating a controlled environment is also crucial usability and appearance of your indoor golf simulator. It prevents outside distractions and maintains the integrity of your shots. Trackman offers full simulator enclosures that help contain errant shots and provide a sense of being on the golf course. We’ll help you choose an enclosure that fits your room dimensions and offers easy access for setup and calibration.

Hitting Screen

A high-quality impact/viewing screen is integral to projecting the golf course visuals and shot analysis data. Consider the size and material of the screen to ensure a seamless projection experience. Trackman offers a range of screens that ensure clarity, accuracy and durability.


The choice of projector is crucial to achieving high-definition visuals on your hitting screen. Select a high-lumen (brightness) projector to maintain clarity even in well-lit spaces. Additionally, consider the projector's throw ratio to ensure it fits well within your room dimensions.


For a comprehensive golf simulator setup, consider adding HD monitors or touchscreens to display Trackman Performance Studio (TPS) software and optional swing camera views. These monitors provide additional data and analysis to further enhance your training and entertainment experience.

In-Home vs. Commercial Locations

The design considerations may differ between in-home and commercial indoor golf simulator setups. In-home setups usually prioritize space optimization and integration with existing décor. On the other hand, commercial locations, such as golf clubs or training facilities, may focus on accommodating multiple players simultaneously and providing a welcoming ambiance.

Designing the ultimate indoor golf simulator with Trackman involves meticulous planning and attention to detail. Optimizing your space can help you can create a golfing experience that rivals being on a real course.

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