Most golfers are likely unaware that there is very little difference between a driver and a pitching wedge when it comes to Apex Height.

Based on Trackman’s latest PGA Tour Averages (see below), you can see the difference in Apex Height between Driver and Pitch Wedge is only 3 meters/yards.


How is that possible?

Spin and ball speed plays a big role in what a ball does when it gets to its apex (maximum height). For example, a driver reaches its apex but still has enough speed to continue that path penetrating through the apex (see diagram below). It’s a gradual climb to reach its apex.


You can see it takes a longer time to reach its apex but doesn’t immediately drop once it does. With the driver, you also want to maximize bounce/roll once the ball does impact the ground.

A drive that is too steep in height will have a very limited bounce or roll. Conversely, a drive that is too low might give you plenty of roll, but your carry distance will suffer in turn. Landing angle plays a role in how to maximize roll with the driver.

In the image below, you can see a very similar Apex Height with pitching wedge but very different shots. Higher launch and higher spin lead the ball to reach its apex then slowly decline compared to the driver’s apex.


It is important to note the difference in launch angle, ball speed, and spin rates compared to clubs.

Golfers can be amazed how similar Apex Height is with all clubs. Understanding how each club will react helps players find that window to play from and is also beneficial to understanding how shots can be affected by wind.