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We Buy and Sell Railroad Cast Iron Signs

I pay up to $200 for Smaller RR Signs that we don't have!

We add $50 to this, when we resale them!


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This spring I'm going to purchase a bunch of Reading signs and large signal lamps
from a very smart savage dealer who didn't melt them down.
If we are too busy then, we'll put them on Ebay & Yahoo next winter 2001 !

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This is some of the signs he has. This one is SOLD


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These Signs have over 50 years of rust & scale, I'm sell them this way, they will not be painted!
The Whistle signs are sandblasted & ground down They have a little rust showing thru the primer.
These are the last of the Originals

whist-pr.gif (22464 bytes) prrliftplow (30121 bytes) PRR Whistle Sign or Flanger $250.00 + S&H $25.00

Flangers were RR snowplows: blades between the trucks could be lowered to railhead level, and a lower section between the inner rail flangeways cleared snow below the railhead.  the blade had to be raised over switches, grade crossings, etc. The PRR had trackside markers for the operators.

I found a foundry in Pennsylvania that made a number of cast iron signs for different railroads, this one was for the Pennsylvania Railroad.                                                
These are the last of the Originals I have.
NOTE my first couple of PRR signs, I'm selling on E-bay, where never shipped to the PRR! I got these from a cawl-space in a foundry about 29 years ago. Had over 200 of them at that time.

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I found a lot of molds and original casting in the old foundry warehouse. We have over $500,000 in railroad items. We also have a two railroad bridges, RR tunnel, station and 13 RR cabooses at


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I'll be selling the extras on E-Bay

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The weight of each cast iron Whistle Sign is 25.5 lbs. Shipping and handling is $25.00 @

The Catawissa Railroad Co. is located at http://CABOOSENUT.COM

I won't be selling any of the crossing signs at Ebay, I do have extra Reading RR signs, some are 35 M.P.H, Resume Speed and Whistle signs I'll be posting at a later date. Example Below!

Reading RR Signs, they have a W on the other side.

Only have six of them $250.00 + S & H  $25.00

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Bridge Builder Plate from Reading RR Bridge in Milton, Pa.

I have all four Plates will trade for the Rupert RDG RR Train Bridge Plates!

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At this time I don't have any extra crossing signs, the two I have left are $800 @

Other originals we have,  I will sell! Only have limited supply.

Click on image for larger photo

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UPATE SEPT. 29, 1998  Work done at bridge site, added three cabooses can be seen at